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Interview of Hansi for Solid Rock

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Interview of Hansi for Solid Rock

Unread post Post #1 by Guillaume » 23 July 2009, 18:22

Harris Bakopoulos from Solid Rock has interviewed Hansi to discuss of the upcoming album, the orchestral project and Demons & Wizards:

Solid Rock: This summer you are going to to visit Athens once again to play in ‘Rocking Athens Festival’ with Heaven And Hell, Testament, Gojira and two promising Greek bands, Mencea and Descending. How do you feel about that?

Hansi: It’s a blast! It’s really a great time for us to play some good music to good people and play with great bands. Because this is a very special package. There are some great festivals all over Europe but I do have the feeling that this one is a strong package and will find a lot of attention.

Solid Rock: Besides the limited appearances you will do during summer, you’re also writing the following up of your latest album , “A Twist in The Myth”. A while ago you announced that you have completed 8 new songs already in which you have mixed modern elements with traditional ones. Would you like to give us a few more details about the new album, the whole songwriting and the recording process?

Hansi: At the moment we’re doing pre-production for these 8 songs. Frederick is just finishing his drum at the moment then we’ll go out on October this year for the album. The songs are progressive, I would say, but more in a metal way so even though there are some modern elements it’s more on the typical Blind Guardian side than the “Twist In The Myth” song for example and it’s very epic at many points so it has some links to “Night At The Opera” as well. I’m really excited to see at some point how people will respond to it. There is a good amount of Power metal-ish numbers again and the keyboard influence is a bit stronger that in “A Twist In The Myth” for example and if we are able to deliver 3 more songs that are of this quality then we will certainly have a classic album.

Solid Rock: So, can we say that this is a classic Blind Guardian album?

Hansi: It’s Blind Guardian 2009 but it’s got certain elements of the classic past. It has some added scenes… It’s very strong I would say.

Solid Rock: Have you decided yet of the title of the album yet? And by the way, when you estimate its release?

Hansi: I’m thinking about possible titles at the moment. The first thing coming into my mind, because it’s such an intense album, would be something like “Punishment Coming” or “A Storm To Come” but that’s not been cast in stone and we may change completely and go a different direction in terms of title. We’ll make a decision at the very end of the year. The album is supposed to be released in September 2010. We start production in September 2009, we have scheduled 7 months for the production that means the record company will release it either in the summer 2010 or in the fall of 2010.

Solid Rock: Will a world tour follow the release of the new album?

Hansi: Yes, for sure. It seems now we start in Europe again and later on we’ll tour all the other continents, wherever there is demand we will follow and go to play there.

Solid Rock: During our previous interview together on the occasion of upcoming back then album, “A Twist In The Myth”, you have told me that when you’ll finish the tour of that album (“Twist In The Myth”) you will enter the studio to finish the renowned ‘orchestra project’. Would you like to tell us a few words about that, when we should expect this release?

Hansi: We do a pre-production at the moment and we do work on these songs as well. We have checked several different orchestras already and will do first recordings as well during the next 12 months and still this is going to be the album which comes afterwards. It’s just a question of how quick we push it with the new album after we start the production. The idea will be to accomplish as much of the orchestral stuff as well in the next 14 or 16 months but once we start production, usually it takes a while [laughs]… until we accomplish one thing so my feeling tells me that the orchestral album will be released in 2011 or 2012.

Solid Rock: That’s good news! Now, I know you would like to work again with John Schaffer on a new Demons & Wizards album. With both of your tight schedules, have you found any time to work any new Demons & Wizards material or is this project temporarily stand by?

Hansi: We have at least found time to talk about it [laughs]… so it’s on active stand-by I would say. The idea we do have at the moment is like two meetings to compose songs together which means either John or I will visit the other and we start writing songs and we have scheduled that for the end of the year, probably around Christmas, for the first period and then the second songwriting period somewhere during the first half of 2010 which means we basically would be able to do a production most possibly in the beginning of 2011.

Solid Rock: We know that some of you guys are huge computer game fans right?

Hansi: Not me, but all the other guys yes. Especially Andre and Marcus are die-hard World of Warcraft fanatics.

Solid Rock: So recently you did a song for “Sacred 2” game where there were also characters of yours that performed in the game. What was that experience like and what do you think about the music related computer games such as “Guitar Hero”?

Hansi: The experience was really great because we wanted to do something like that since the very early ‘90s and it never came to happen due to several reasons. So this has been the first real chance we have had and we took it immediately. When we were asked if we were willing to do so, we just said “Well, let’s do it!” immediately. I think it sits very well, because it is a fantasy game and usually the people that like Blind Guardian like that certain type of genre of games as well so it’s a perfect combination. Other games like Guitar Hero On Tour for example, I think are very fun. It’s not only fun for metal fans but for people who are not familiar with metal and they still play the game. It’s a very successful game. This cannot be bad for heavy metal because it gives a little exposure to the bands.

Solid Rock: Let me take you a little back in time: 1995, “Imaginations From The Other Side” tour and your first time in Athens playing at “Rodon Club”. Which are your memories from your first concert in Athens and the Greek audience?

Hansi: It’s still the same as today. Very loud chants, very passionate, hardcore, dedicated to the band fans and very skillful in creating flags and stuff like that and overwhelming.

Solid Rock: This summer during your concert in Athens, there will be any surprises in the setlist for the Greek fans?

Hansi: I hope so. It depends on what you consider surprises. [laughs]

Solid Rock: … I will tell you at my next question what I consider a ‘surprise’ [laughs]..

Hansi: OK [laughs]. We have of course worked on a different setlist in comparison to what we played last time we were in Greece last time and there will be some songs we haven’t played for a while and some songs which we probably have not played before, like we will most probably play “Turn The Page” for example and we are still discussing the possibility of playing a new song. We do have rehearsals in the beginning of June and then we’ll make a final decision but I have provided the guys with a long setlist and like 7 or 8 songs we haven’t played for a long time or ever before so a bunch of them will be played in Athens.

Solid Rock: Now, about the ‘surprise’! I consider the classic version of “Theatre Of Pain” as one of the best Blind Guardian songs ever. Have you ever thought of including it in your setlist? I t would be amazing if we had the chance to listen the classic version of this amazing song sometime!

Hansi: Yeah, that might be a good idea. Once we get closer to the orchestral album and the use of a real orchestra that might be a choice. But so far I don’t see a reason other than using it as an outro. But once we will do shows for the orchestral album it would be a good idea. We are discussing things like that at the moment because “And Then There Was Silence” could be a very attractive song to be played by an orchestra and probably have some voices on it as well. We have to see. We are really playing around with these ideas.

Interview by: Harris Bakopoulos (Source)
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Re: Interview of Hansi for Solid Rock

Unread post Post #2 by Hayastan » 03 August 2009, 00:01

September 2010??? Damnate!! I've been thought that we shan't wait so long!
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